Jetpack Staff

The Staff of jetpack comics

Head Honcho

This is Ralph.  Ralph is supposed to be in charge of all this.  Good luck finding Ralph actually being charge.  Want to talk to Ralph?  Gonna Call him?  Best of luck with that.  Talking to Ralph on the phone is like getting an audience with the pope.  Want Ralph to call you back?  Doubtful.. The crack staff of jetpack know better than to pass on useless contact info to him.  You best catch him in store, when he is there, which is at his whim, or you can do like the staff will tell you and email him.  Why email?  Telemarketers don't like email.  Spammers like email and we all know what SPAM email looks like.  For real, the Jetpack Staff & website can answer most of your questions.  Ralph's like the Queen of England.  A useless figurehead (though he has way less money than her).  If you really need to reach him email but don't try to sell him a service or a product.  He's not the person to talk to for that.



Jonathan Waugh, the first of his name, was born on the second day of the first month of the year 1987. After being bitten by an irradiated spider at a high school field trip, he planned on using his newfound powers for fame and fortune. However, tragedy struck when he spilled some Moxie on his laptop. Thus learning that “with great power, comes great responsibility”, he decided to use his powers for good, and travelled the globe learning from different thieves and martial arts masters.  Soon, Jon landed on the Dagobah system, where a small Jedi master trained him in the ways of The Force. After returning home and saving the city from the combined might of Darth Vader, Ra’s Al Guhl, and a symbiote invasion, he built a small base of operations underneath the basement of Jetpack Comics. When not plotting to rule Eternia, he spends his time reading comic books, playing video games, and obsessing over pop culture. Follow him on twitter @Jonwahizzle for too many pictures of his cat and opinions on fictional characters and locations. 

Operations Manager

Few things are known about Rich, the Manager Supreme. Sometimes if you listen close enough you can hear about him in the hushed whispers around the Jetpack Megastore. Tales of a man who never once steered someone wrong with a recommendation of comic book reading. Tales of a man who somehow memorized the names of hundreds of pull list customers and had their books in their hands each week before they even made it to the counter. Tales of a man who had deleted all other knowledge from his brain to make more room for things like the Green Lantern Oath, Bane's Speech before he broke Batman's back, the detailed origin of every member of the Wild.C.A.T.S or every perfect panel of Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-men run. Are the tales true? Could there be a comic book guy so beloved? One you could tell your deepest darkest secrets to? One who looked like a barbarian, but was quick to laugh and joke on a whim? Listen closer, my friends, and hear the tales. For one day a new Manager Supreme will be crowned...and it could be you!



Gaming Guru

Al is a Fantasy and Sci Fi nerd who spends his week teaching science and playing board games. When Ralph isn't trying to murder him for something he messed up, Al is busy trying to build the gaming community at Jetpack. He has played most of the games we sell and runs our D&d Adventurer's League. Al is also responsible for our Free RPG Day events.  Al is a former AWA America's Wrestling Champion and a Renaissance Faire fanatic.

Jetpack's Resident Vanguard

Nick is our very own jack-of-all-nerd-trades!  Nick is currently our Tournament Organizer for Cardfight!! Vanguard, Dragon Ball Z TCG, Pokemon TCG, Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter, and he runs our Retro Video Game Night! Other than that you can find Nick wandering the store like a hobo looking for a lost sandwich, poking out from behind comic racks to indiscriminately recommend customers some TMNT. Nick loves comics, TCG's, video games, Anime, Manga, and really anything he can create and grow a community for. If you want to start your own gaming tournament/group at Jetpack, Nick is the guy to talk to! He's started several successful communities/events since he started working for Jetpack and he'd love to help you do the same!

Lorde of the Shop

Luke is the Executive Director of Portable Operations, whose duties include cavorting about the country attempting to shill the store's wares in between alcoholic fits, threatening violence against anyone who looks at a staff member funny, and creating his own job title. When at home base, Luke tends to be locked in the basement like some sort of Rancor with a technicolor mohawk doing unholy experiments not meant for human eyes. When not fulfilling his duties as Ralph's personal semi-conscious meat-sack, Luke enjoys drinking himself into a coma, tabletop boardgames, and forcing women who play roller derby to refer to him as "Lorde Manhammer."

Queen of Magic

Michelle is the queen of Magic at Jetpack.  Looking to trade in cards, sell a collection or be a part of a Magic event? Michelle will be the person you want to see.  Michelle makes AWESOME BOX O' Magic boxes and is very good at leaving messes for other people to clean up. 

Motivational Speaker

Matt is a very important and busy person.  Just ask him.  He'll tell you.  You can also ask anyone that knows him and needs an answer to any question.  Inviting Matt to an event?  Matt may or may not show up but will rarely let you know either way.  Expect if he does show up he will be mad that you did not save him a spot or buy his ticket.  You can find Matt at Jetpack occasionally at his whim.



Art is... No one really knows what Art does at Jetpack. Most people see him around here and there, but they all get the feeling that they shouldn’t ask about him. And that’s the way Ralph likes it. You see... Art is like Jetpack Comics own James Bond. He drives the coolest car, has the coolest gadgets, gets the hottest chicks, and will melt your face off with a guitar, but its the stuff no one knows about that’s really important. Art does the jobs that Ralph doesn’t trust anyone else to do. Like putting up a jumbo-tron in the middle of the store. Or setting up a state of the art security system that Ralph can use to spy on his employees while he’s home drinking beer. Or just build random stuff in the store so Ralph can confuse as many people as possible. Or iterrogating unruly employees in the basement. Or exorcizing demons from the basement. Or walling up Luke’s unfortunate victims in the basement, thereby inviting more demons to the basement. Like I said, James Bond. So if you see Art at the store, don’t talk to him, he’s probably doing top secret stuff.

Sales and Resource Management

We would have him write up a bio, but we need him to alphabetize and sort the dollar room by letter.  When he is done with that, we'll hit him up for more info. 

Cosplayer Extraordinaire

Although Khepera is very new to the Cosplay world, with not even a year under her belt, she has been designing clothes and making costumes and props for over 25 years. Her grandmother showed her how to hand sew when she was only 4 years old, but learned how to sew on a machine when she was 7 after receiving her very first sewing machine.

Best known for her Evil Lyn from the 1983 cartoon "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe", Khepera's favorite Cosplays are villains from her childhood. Khepera also enjoys Genderbending male villains and relishes in the challenge of re-imagining an already existing character.

"Villains are just more fun! And lets face it, they have better background stories!"

Not staff but super-important to us

Tyler Maciolek

Matthew Talbot

Jack Earl

Rich Woodall

Josh Belanger

Rick & Lisa Dunton

Rob Castellon

Thomas Danju Ronda

Patrick Buchanan Lane 


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